Day Two- The creation of YouTube

Passive-IncomeHey everyone, last night was a lot of fun working and watching the stats roll in! After creating this blog, I immediately went and created a Facebook page in which most of you probably even see this. Along with that, I have created the OPI (Operation Passive Income) Instagram, found some similar pages to follow and I’m ready to release my first ever YouTube video. Along these first couple days though, I have definitely learned some things.

Number one, I used WordPress to create this blog as I’m sure you can see at the bottom of each page. The intent was to get out of this with as little upfront as possible, however, it doesn’t look like that is going to be the case. One of the reasons for having the blog, is to document the process to earning passive income, but also to eventually monetize with ads and affiliate links. Both me and my Fiance wanted get our blogs up and running. Now a lot of the videos I’ve seen have been saying for around $70, you can get your blog up and running and ready to go! However…..

In order to run Amazon Associate ads on the blog you need to download a plug-in. Downloading Plugins means upgrading to the pro. We originally paid for Premium accounts on WordPress each, which cost us $96 upfront to pay for a year. With that you get your domain, and hosting with a ton of tools to customize your website. But in order to really monetize with affiliate marketing, it’s going to cost us. To upgrade to Professional we will need to pay an additional $16/mo billed for the whole year up front. That’s going to run us a total of $192 extra bring each blog up to $288 in order to start monetizing. Now that’s all fine and dandy but we’ll need to wait just a bit before we can spring for that.

Now, I did use my time last night to apply for and join Amazon associates. That gives me the ability to attach links to products on Amazon and start that income stream, and you’re able to do it with no cost which is great. What you do need to do though in order to KEEP Amazon Associates is show 3 qualified purchases within the first 180 days and then Amazon will go through your website and I guess qualify you. As long as you meet their criteria, you’ll be able to keep your status on Amazon associates.

Now my next step is to post the YouTube video, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the sound quality recording just from the phone’s microphone. So I purchased a lapel microphone that I’ll be doing a review on and testing out. I’ll let you all know how that works on our next update!


Ongoing Investment total: $228         Passive Income Earned: $0.00

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