Let’s get this started!

day 1

This is it! It’s time to REALLY get this project started!

Hello everyone, my name is Shane Parks and this is my project. So let me first tell you about myself and what we are looking to accomplish with this project.

I’m currently 32 years old and a father of four and a soon to be husband to the most amazing woman in the world. She puts up with me working a lot and always trying to find the next best way to improve our lives. I may have just found it. I guess we’ll all have to find out together.

I’m currently a multi unit manager for a telecom company, I make good money and life for the most part is going great. So why do I want to start on a whole new project that’s going to take time and money to accomplish? Because I haven’t accomplished my key goals yet.

I currently live in Florida with my fiance and my 19 month old daughter, and my 3 boys from a past marriage live up in Wyoming. I get to see them as often as I can but I can say that it flat-out isn’t enough. With my job, it’s hard to get time away to travel back to Wyoming to see them as much as I would love to. My divorce decree even states that on the times that I make it back there, they are supposed to be in my custody. I do get to have them over the summers, as well as half of christmas, every other spring break and a thanksgiving or two. My only problem with that is that in the time from now to the time that they are 18 I will only get them for a total of 51 weeks… less than an entire year of their lives. I need to be a better father than that. So how does this project help? Well when you create multiple sources of income, as well as creating a work from home or cyberspace type of environment, I could travel there to see them as much as I want. As well as possible be able to afford a home in both Wyoming AND Florida. And for that reason we begin.

So what is Operation Passive Income? Well this is intended to be a multi-platform, multi-strategy, and multi-effort project to create a multitude of passive income streams that A) allows me to accomplish key goals in my life. B) Help to encourage others out there that being financially free is possible. C) Document this journey along the way.

I sincerely hope that we can make this successful. As of RIGHT NOW, I’m making a total of $0.00 off of passive income. And the goal is to be able to support my family, create a thriving business, and instill a lasting legacy that others can follow. I really hope that you bookmark this page and come along with me for this ride.

So what are the first steps? If you’re looking to do something similar to this, where do you start?

Well here’s the strategy that I’m starting with. I  want to create a multi-channel platform, right? So today I started by creating a YouTube channel called “Operation Passive Income”. Along with that, in order to potentially start affiliate marketing, I created this webpage and blog. In total for this Blog, I paid $96 for the premium service on wordpress.com. I can personally say that it was extremely easy and user-friendly. I have never made a webpage before and it really is a few clicks, a credit card later and here we are publishing this first blog post. I highly recommend.

Along with the YouTube Channel and the website, I also created a Facebook page that you can follow at  this link here . The intent with that Facebook page is to create a community as well as a following for both the YouTube AND this blog right here.

I think the biggest key here is marketing yourself to where everything connects together. My goal for Day 2 is to create an Instagram, a Twitter, as well as posting my first video on YouTube. I’ll be sure to share with you all tomorrow so that if ANYONE happens to stumble across this page over the next day or two, please please check it out and I’ll see you all on the other side!


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