My Top 10 Passive Income goals for 2018!


While 2018 may already be a few weeks over with, we wanted to make sure that we took some time and really laid out our goals for this year. While I probably focus on shedding a few pounds and exercising and all that lovely stuff, we set some specific goals for this project to FUEL us over the coming year! Read through as we countdown our Passive income goals of 2018

#10 – FIGURE OUT THIS WHOLE WEBSITE THING!  Yes, while you may be reading this right now, I am very much still learning how to tweek a site to look and act just the way I want it too. If we are going to build affiliate marketing websites, this needs to be a skill we develop!

#9 – READ AT LEAST 1 BOOK PER MONTH.  Self development is key if you’re running your own business. I’ve said before that I don’t yet know all the things I will need to make this a successful business. However, as time goes by and we acquire more knowledge, we’ll be better ready to strategize and then execute on our plan!

#8 – PRODUCE AND PUBLISH 100 YOUTUBE VIDEOS, AND GAIN 1000 SUBSCRIBERS!  We could definitely use your help on this one. There are a few videos on this page already that you can link to or you can jump to our YouTube channel by clicking here. If you’re not super into reading, you can see the rest of the goals on the video that should post Thursday. We would love to have you as a part of our community on YouTube as well

#7 – BECOME PROFICIENT IN ALL SOCIAL MEDIA VENUES! This is harder than it actually sounds. I’m not 16 so I’m not great at Snap-chat yet, and Pinterest is a new one for me too. I thought I knew Facebook until I realized that maybe I really didn’t. And I have a Twitter now as well which you can follow by clicking here or following at @OPIathome.

#6 – FIND AT LEAST ONE FREE CONFERENCE ON PASSIVE INCOME PER QUARTER!              Again, this goes with the personal development theme and keeps us increasing our brainpower in our new venture. There are people that know more than me and I need to accept that, seek them out and LEARN!

#5 – HAVE THIS PROJECT FULLY FUND A TRIP TO SEE MY CHILDREN IN WYOMING!             This is my original why. Everything I’m doing is to protect my family and enjoy time with my fiance and children. I live in Florida right now with my Fiance and my daughter but my 3 boys live back in Wyoming. If I can only earn enough to go spend an extra week with them, then all the effort was more than worth it.

#4 – LAUNCH A MINIMUM OF 3 PRIVATE LABEL PRODUCTS ON AMAZON!  This one I’m extremely excited about. I have my first logo being worked on now and should be able to launch very soon. My goal is to launch by Mid-February and to have at least 3 products that can self sustain they’re sell through cycle on their own as we grow their rank!

#3 – LAUNCH 5 AFFILIATE MARKETING WEBSITES BY THE END OF 2018. I’m super interested in this category of passive income that it may be the channel I’m most excited about. I have been doing a ton of niche research and I’m narrowing down my first one soon and plan to launch the first one by the end of February 2018.

#2 – MATCH MY “NORMAL JOB” INCOME BY THE END OF 2018.  This is shooting for the stars I know. BUT, if I can at least land on the moon then we are making progress. I don’t want to make all of this about the money. I believe the journey and sharing it with you will be extremely satisfying and the money itself will follow with our efforts regardless. But at the end of the day this is Operation Passive INCOME after all so we better take care of that.


#1 – ENSURE THAT THIS NEW VENTURE DOESN’T COME AT THE EXPENSE OF THE ONES I LOVE.  We are really putting in a ton of effort into all of this. Sometimes it feels like maybe we bit off a little more than we can chew but in the end it will make all the difference. But I will say this, the MOMENT this project starts to hurt the relationships that it was meant to enhance, is the moment we will rethink our strategy and put the real priorities first. I highly suggest you do the same.

If you made it to the end of this article, please comment with some of your goals for 2018 as well as any feedback on what we can provide you! Also please check out our YouTube channel, Facebook group and our twitter by hitting the links above!

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