Back from a long hiatus

Whew…. what a long 10 months its been. After a long hiatus in which life just tends to knock you down, we are back in action and more invigorated than ever. I won’t go crazy into the details but I’ll at least give an explanation for those that were interested in our story.

We went into this project with the hope to start building a business that centered around multiple income streams that with massive action upfront, that could become passive over time and allow us the opportunity to quit our full time jobs. Ultimately the goal is to be able to stop trading our time for money. Unfortunately, we hit some potholes on the way. I came close to losing my job which pays for everything in which we have, and having us on a close call like that, I was put in a spot in which I needed to make some decisions. At the end of the day I needed to ensure that I could pay the mortgage and keep the light on. So I set off to get myself back on track at work in order to maintain our foundation. Over the last 10 months I’ve focused in on my normal job and we are now back to comfortable with my normal career that I can again start to work on this project once more.

So where does that leave us right now? Well actually in pretty good shape. I still have this website in which I had built and a small community that still exists, but it’s going to take time to rebuild. Additionally I don’t know if this site can rebuild after a second go around so I want to make sure that I put the levers in place that keep this community growing.  I plan to begin doing videos again in the near future but I first want to build this website up to what I believe it can be and have it ready when the traffic starts coming in.

Additionally, I’m working on my first book in which I plan on publishing via KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and will work to maneuver myself into building a Kindle Publishing business that will tie back to this entire project. Along with that, we will use this website to market to different income streams that you yourself can build up over time. I’ve spent a ton of time researching and reading books that I’ll be posting up for everyone to check out that are interested. Lastly, as we start to generate at least some moderate income through this blog and through some small affiliate marketing links, we will then start to look into physical products and private label items on Amazon.

My wife has started selling Thirty-One Bags and has done an awesome job building up a small community of women to cater to. She’s hosting in person and online parties and sharing out her  sales page for them, while starting to introduce other products that she has affiliate links for to increase her income. She’s focused in on building up her social media presence and studying marketing so she can expand faster. Amazing thing for her is she already has a list and a group that we can launch a product directly to on Amazon and we can continue building her MyBeautyChronicle brand that she had started previously was well.

The goal right now appears to be to divide and conquer, but to eventually bring our brands together in a way that shows her business off as a case study almost for our O.P.I. project.

Along with what we said above, here’s my vision for this O.P.I. Community. I would love to see this brand become an information source that provides massive value and gives clear and concise information that empowers our community to build their own online businesses and connects people to share best practices. In doing this I’m actively looking for contributors that can help drive this project forward, as well as a team of coaches that are actively looking to join a community that can promote their products and expertise. If you’re interested in joining us, please click this link and fill out a comment with you current projects and why you would like to join us.

Thank you again for joining us on this path. Feel free to check out the site. Currently much of it under construction as I look to build some new content with individual pages around different income stream ideas, but it should all start coming together shortly.

Shane Parks

Operation Passive Income

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