Want to Start an Online Business on a Budget? Might Want to Look at Kindle!

How do you get started building a business online with a minimum budget?

I think for most people looking to open an online business, there is something that is tugging on you to get moving. Whether it’s you feeling burnt out at your normal job, or it seems like there’s just too much month at the end of your money, something is telling you to strike out on your own.

Only issue there is that maybe that budget doesn’t fit in a plan to launch your own product on Amazon or Shopify. Or maybe you can’t quite afford to launch your website all the way yet… I mean look at this one, I’m still working to get it baked out all the way.

There is one method though that tends to be much less expensive to get started. And that’s Publishing.

In the old days of publishing, the publishing companies would pay authors to write books and they would be the distributor. Or, an author would have an idea for a book or one all ready written, and they would go and search for a publisher to help them print and launch their book. In today’s age though, Amazon has re-written the rules when it comes to publishing.

Now, anyone with a book can take their product to Amazon, upload their file, add a cover and within 24-48 hours, their book is published and up for sale on Amazon! Wow! Sounds super easy, right? Well… yes. That part is. But there’s a little more to it.

The next part you want to decide upon is what market are you going to focus on for your book. This becomes very similar to finding a niche market in the physical products available on amazon. What is selling right now? What is the demand for the market you’re targeting?

You don’t want to go and publish a book in a space in which no-one is looking right? That just turns into a dead product and you’re no closer to your dream of firing your boss and striking it out on your own.

You need to take the time to put in the research and find a market that you can target and work in your keywords that you want to start ranking for. There are some great books (available on kindle….hmmm) that can help teach you more on how to find the right market for you. Below are two great books that I recommend to help you get started and both are less than $10.


The other really interesting thing I’ve found with self publishing is that you don’t even have to be the author! You really only need to be the publisher to start making money. For those that aren’t comfortable or don’t feel capable of writing a book themselves can use ghostwriters to actually write the book.

In fact, when you go to fiverr.com, there are tons of ghostwriters, editors, kindle formatting gigs available for you to choose from. This comes in extremely handy if you’re wanting to skip the writing part yourself, or if you’re wanting to scale you business quickly.

Now there is so much more on this topic and we’ll dive in deeper in later blogs, but feel free to check out the books above to start getting more information!

In other news, here at O.P.I. we have expanded our Affiliate network and have become an affiliate for WordPress, HostGator and Amazon. In our next blog installment I will be diving in deeper on how to explore for affiliate opportunities and how we are currently using those as we continue to scale up ourselves.

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