Bring Balance to Your Life While Building Your Online Business

So, you’re working your full time job and the grind is getting to you. You realize that trading your time for money will never truly allow you to achieve your dreams. Then you find yourself on YouTube watching videos or find your way to a blog like this that tells you there’s a better way and how you can make your living on the internet somehow in some way.

After a couple of weeks you’ve learned enough to be dangerous but not enough that you feel fully comfortable in taking the plunge. So you decide you’re going to start building this online business while you continue to work your normal job.

If that sounds familiar to you, then we’d have a lot to talk about because I just described myself. My wife and I started our online business adventure back at the beginning of the year and we went a full solid….4-5 weeks or so. And then we crashed and burned back into the normal reality that we had existed in for some time.

However, the end of November of this year, we decided due to some upcoming changes in our world that it was time to take this serious and use the skills we had learned to use and actually make a run at building this online business. But while we again committed to our goals, we needed to take a step back and look in the mirror and figure out why we failed in the first place.

Now there were many many reasons, and I’m sure I’ll find a chance to talk about each of those, I think one of the biggest issues we had is we had no balance. Zero. I was working during the day, and then as soon as I got home my brain was full in 100% on this new venture I wanted to undertake.

Now I believe it’s fine to have that kind passion, in fact, it’s necessary, but you need to be able to bring that balance into your life as well. I needed to stop and remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint. You also need to remember that other parts of your life still matter as well and you can’t just completely let everything else go in your pursuit of freedom and dollars.

This was a discussion that my wife and I had to have. How do we go back into our projects with sense of purpose, a future vision, a decisive plan, and a balanced life-style. How do we become full fledged business owners, while still being great parents? How do I be passionate about the work I’m doing from home, but still be passionate for my employees that count on me everyday at my normal job?

Now this gets a little deeper than just focusing on time management, but it’s a place to start. I have a new blog and video in which I’ll dive deeper into time management, but for us, it was a matter building a full schedule.

I keep a very detailed calendar at work. Every minute is scheduled and I know exactly what I want to accomplish each day. This helps to keep me focused as I’m naturally an extremely disorganized individual. I literally have to create organizational methods that make me stay organized. In fact, if you look at my calendar, I actually schedule “Organizational Management”!  If you might be interested in hearing my best practices on how I set up my organization around me, please leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to do that as well.


But while I stay that focused at work, I wasn’t doing any of that for my personal life or my new online business venture. As my wife and I began discussing this, it became clear that I really needed to incorporate this part into my life as well. I needed to make sure that we no only focused on the new business, but I also needed to have real scheduled “Daddy time” where I drop everything else and give my children my fullest attention.

schedule 2

Daddy time from 6-8pm every day

The entire point of it isn’t necessarily to keep me focused on the business, it’s give me balance to be who I need to be when I need to be it. And to be that person for the people that need me. Sometimes, I need myself to be in business mode, but it has to come at the right time.

So as you start your venture, take the time and look at your day. How are you using it? How will you create that balance that you so desperately need?

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