2019 Goals & Objectives

Another year is coming to an end and 2019 is right around the corner. At the time of writing this it’s 3 days from Christmas and it’s the perfect time to reflect on 2018 and what we accomplished and what goals we missed.

If you want to see the 2018 goals that we set you can watch the video or check out the blog post here.

Now when you watch these I can tell you that we didn’t achieve much in regards to those goals. In this post I want to address each of the goals we set and where and why we failed to achieve, but also set new goals for 2019 that will set up O.P.I. with a foundation for success in 2019

Let’s start with 2018 and see what we did!

Disclaimer: There are lessons in here so make sure you read to the end!

2018 Goals

  • FIGURE OUT THIS WHOLE WEBSITE THING! – Nope, still working on this one, but it’s getting better!
  • READ AT LEAST 1 BOOK PER MONTH – I read 2 books total last year… however I have a new reading list ready to go!
  • PRODUCE AND PUBLISH 100 YOUTUBE VIDEOS, AND GAIN 1000 SUBSCRIBERS! – We put out a whopping 5 videos and currently have 19 subscribers… So click that subscribe button on the video above… thanks.
  • BECOME PROFICIENT IN ALL SOCIAL MEDIA VENUES! – It turns out that Social Media Marketing is tough and building a base of followers on each platform is unique in its own right
  • HAVE THIS PROJECT FULLY FUND A TRIP TO SEE MY CHILDREN IN WYOMING! – While it didn’t fund it, I was able to take my children camping back home
  • LAUNCH A MINIMUM OF 3 PRIVATE LABEL PRODUCTS ON AMAZON! – We did source and order a product, but it ended up not able to be sold on amazon as it was listed by Amazon as a medical device AFTER we put in our first order… anyone want a DermaRoller?
  • LAUNCH 5 AFFILIATE MARKETING WEBSITES BY THE END OF 2018 – While this website is not technically that, we do have affiliate links, and we have my wife’s website so I’m going to say 2 of 5!
  • MATCH MY “NORMAL JOB” INCOME BY THE END OF 2018. – Not even close…..

Frankly, 2018 was not the year we were expecting to have, but it was because life happened. In the beginning of February I almost lost my job. At the time I had to make a decision. Do I keep running at this project or do I take a little time and solidify my family’s foundation? I chose the latter and took a break from Operation Passive Income. However, the time now is right for us to get this running the way we have planned.

One thing I wanted to do different this time though was set smaller and smarter goals. I’m a very results oriented person and this is not the most results oriented business. I need to find my satisfaction in the process instead of hoping for big numbers to happen immediately. I needed to really think through these new years goals and how we are going to break them down. With all that said, here’s our 2019 goals!

2019 by Breakdown

Social Media

  • Build my Facebook Community to 400 Members by giving better content and encouraging engagement from our group. Starting point- 37 members
  • Build my Instagram follower base to 500 by focusing on motivational material that builds a community of like minded people and by starting to go live at 200 followers. Starting point – 41 followers
  • Learn how to get more engagement on Twitter and engage with others within my niche to get best practices. Starting point – 8 followers.
  • Join, follow, and engage with new groups and individuals within my niche and become a part of the larger community as a whole.
  • Relaunch my YouTube channel with a dedicated focus on quality content vs focusing on viewership.
  • Put forth consistent effort in making Operation Passive Income a respected brand in the online business community.

Income Streams

  • Establish my Kindle Publishing Business and publish first book by end of January while learning the process and experiment with new marketing techniques.
  • Improve my affiliate marketing execution by learning new techniques that encourage conversion at a higher level.
  • Improve traffic to our blog and website that converts while learning new SEO techniques and building a landing page that captures a list for the future vision of this company.
  • Work with my wife on launching a new product on Amazon document our process along the way for our following.
  • Work to continue our upload of stock photo and videos to create a consistent passive stream on multiple.

Behaviors and Development

  • Spend more time creating quality content across each platform and enjoy the process while doing it.
  • Be proud of the work we are doing and celebrate the small wins that show progress in our process.
  • Be thankful for every follower we get on each platform and ensure we are showing that gratitude.
  • Schedule my time to be the absolute most effective in every aspect of my life and provide the time needed in each avenue that it requires.
  • Be faster to implement new knowledge and understand that each new skill is effective if it’s actually put into use.
  • Be consistent in my process and enjoy it along the way knowing that every task, no matter how tedious, gets my family one step closer to financial independence.

Well there they are. There’s our new 2019 goals. Structured in a much different way and much more behaviorally focused, I believe these are much more attainable goals than what I set back last year.

I hope by setting these goals I can show that it’s O.K. to fail and that it’s one of the most effective way to learn. Already since we have started this project back up after 10 months, we have achieved so much more than we did last year and I can’t wait to see what this looks like a year from now.

But with that, I want to hear from some of you! What are your 2019 goals and what are you hoping to accomplish, leave a comment below so we can engage. While you’re at it, we’d love your help in achieving some of the goals we set up above. Like us on Facebook and join our community!


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