Free YouTube Masterclass Review: Sean Cannell/ Video Influencers

I took the time last night to watch the free YouTube Masterclass by Video Influencers co-founder Sean Cannell, and I wanted to take the time and give a review of the masterclass itself as well as discuss how I felt about the sales pitch given at the end for his Video Ranking Academy 2.0.

Personally, I was really intrigued to go through this masterclass for a couple of reasons. One, I’ll soon be re-launching my YouTube Channel and I want to ensure that when we do, we level up our content and launch in a way that has a much better strategy than when I launched it a year ago and let it die after about 5 videos.

But 2, I wanted to see the sales funnel that came along with the masterclass itself. As we start to employ our own marketing strategies, there’s a ton of value in signing up for different sales funnels from some of the top influencers in the industries we’re looking at so we can model those that are successful. I mean we will be building up our own sales funnels in the future so we might as well see what right looks like, right?!

But lets jump into the content so you can decide if this masterclass is worth your time!

Content and Expectations

The training starts up in Sean’s typical home office setup and touts a very respectable hour and 40 minute long video in which he states he’ll be going through “3 Strategies for Growing your Audience and Income With YouTube”.

From there Sean goes into his backstory. Now since I’ve been watching his channel for awhile, I was familiar as he’s told this story many times before, but if you haven’t heard it, I believe it’s worth listening to. Sean, like many of us, went through some serious challenges in his life and it resonates with many.

I personally went into THIS project as a means to protect and take care of my family, and Sean started his YouTube channel to do the same after his wife fell ill. I won’t go too much deeper into this as he tells his story much better than I can, so we’ll continue on. (If you want to skip this part, skip up to minute 16 of the training)

At the beginning of the presentation, Sean asks where you’re watching from and what our goals are on YouTube. Simple enough question but he does make a great point as a follow up to that question. He makes the statement that EVERYONE needs to be on YouTube. Whether you’re a creator or an entrepreneur, it IS the 2nd largest search engine in the world. If you have a message whether that’s for sales or creativity, then YouTube is an absolute must.

He goes on to discuss why YouTube is such an incredible environment, and works to debunk the myth that YouTube has become over saturated with creators. In fact it appears to be the OPPOSITE! YouTube has reported that they currently have over 1.9 Billion… yes Billion with a B, active users on it’s platform and has probably grown over 2 billion at this point.

This shows that the platform has a ton of opportunities still available. Along with that though, it turns out that more people are turning to YouTube for their visual entertainment than any classic method such as your normal cable packages or even Netflix.

Even more impressive though is he shows statistics published by YouTube stating that the number of creators earning five-figures a year is up 35%, and creators earning 6 figures is up over 40%. Now five figures could be as low as hitting the $10,000 mark. But if you really think about that, that’s with Adsense which is typically not the way most YouTubers are even focused on when it comes to generating income.

$10,000 a month still turns out to be near an extra $1000 a month and really could change a lot of people’s financial situations entirely. That’s another +1 for starting your YouTube Channel.

Power question

Sean asks one single “Power Question” at both the beginning and about 40 min into the training that I do want to take a moment and both review and discuss, and honestly just lay my thoughts out here for a moment.

What skills do I need to survive and thrive in the new economy?

This is honestly what this entire blog and website is about! And this is honestly a huge question but let’s break this down just a little bit.

We are truly going into a completely new economy. The days of small shops are dying because you can go online and buy just about any little chotchkey or product you could imagine. Those small business owners aren’t opening up all these little stores any longer. Instead, they are selling 1-20 products on amazon, or they’re doing a shopify drop shipping store, or you become a coach or sell info products.

The same thing equates to going on YouTube. And honestly, the list of skills that you need to not only survive, but to actually thrive is fairly long. That doesn’t make it impossible, but it’s important to know that it’s going to take some real personal development in order to do it.

Personally, when I launched my YouTube channel, I had never edited a video, never had to set up lighting… hell, I never sat there and spoke to the camera for 15 minutes and tried to be energetic and entertaining. It takes some serious practice.

On top of just getting used to capturing yourself on camera and getting the sound quality right and a good intro and hook, you then have a laundry list of SEO type skills you need to work on developing as well.

  1. Creating eye popping thumbnails
  2. Corresponding titles that catch attention
  3. Solid video descriptions with your metadata
  4. Correct Tags to rank in search
  5. Strategic playlists that link back to other videos
  6. Developing a content strategy
  7. Create cyclical content that makes you “bingable”

I’m sure the list becomes even longer than that as I’m not what you’d call a YouTube expert. But if this is something you’re going to embark in, just prepare for a long term strategy and be prepared to get out of your comfort zone to learn new skills. At the end of it though, you’re going to be a better person for it with this new bag of skills.

Top 3 Strategies

Sean spends his time going through 3 overarching topics

  1. Topic, Thumbnail, Title, Description, Tags
  2. Circular Video Viralocity
  3. Ranking Videos in search

Now I’ve spent quite a bit of time watching the Video Influencer channel and Sean’s Think Media channel, and a lot of what he discusses through these sections are in different videos on these channels. But it was extremely convenient to have all of this listed right in a row.

While a lot of channels discuss Topic, Thumbnail, Title, Description, and tags, Sean does a great job going in and giving comparisons and showing great examples in this training. Now he doesn’t dive in super deep as a lot of this is in the VRA 2.0 course.

What I really enjoyed and something I didn’t even think about though was the Circular Video Viralocity strategy. In essence, you want to plan your content out far enough that you can anticipate that if someone comes on your channel and watches a video, that the topic itself should lead your viewer to the next one and the next one and the next one.

I know that I find myself binge watching these creators and after watching this training, I went to each of my favorite creator’s channels and studied their playlists, their titles, and thumbnails…. and it all started to make sense. Every bit of it was designed to keep me watching and rolling me to the next video. Crazy how brilliant these strategies are!

Lastly, he discusses ranking videos in search and he goes through several examples of his own videos that are showing up #1 in search along with others that he’s coached along the way. I’ll give Sean this, the man knows how to win within his platform. He really shows up for so many things on YouTube and now I’ve got his ads coming up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…

Now he doesn’t get into exactly HOW to rank you videos in search, but he creates the “proof in the pudding” concept as that is when he starts leading into his sales pitch for VRA 2.0

His Transition to Video Ranking Academy 2.0

The last 30 minutes of the training really dives into Sean’s sales pitch, and I have to give him more credit… the pitch was phenomenal. I personally am excited to get my channel back up and running and I’m currently working with a good friend of mine who’s a professional photographer to be my video and photography director, but I almost pulled the trigger last night.

Sean goes into his transition with a option for the viewer. You can either take what you’ve got right now and head off into the land of YouTube with a go get em attitude, OR he’ll help you step by step with his Video Ranking Academy 2.0 course.

The course is currently on sale at the time of this writing for either $97 up front as well as 5 additional payments of $97 or he says there is additional savings if you pay all up front. The original price of the course is listed at $997 so you are saving up front.

As he went through everything that you get with the price though, it seems extremely worth it. You get a ton of modules, additional courses they’ve done before, and 2 live group coaching calls, this course is delivering a ton of value. I’m really not kidding when I say I had my debit card out and was moments away until I realized that I’ve got to get all of priorities set for my business and really decide where I need to put my investments. But I’ll be taking this course in the future for sure.


I watched this training twice. Once to take notes and to learn from, and then again to take the time to write this review. I was just as intrigued the second time as I was the first. Even if you have no intention on paying for the full course, but you have a channel or been thinking about starting a channel, then it’s worth taking the hour and half and listening to Sean discuss the strategies he employs to have two very successful YouTube Channels.

I would recommend this course even without taking it. In fact I’ll even give a free link out to his masterclass for him that you can find right here.

I did just order his and Benji Travis’ book as well and I’ll be doing a review on that book in the future. If you’re interested in it check out the link above as well. Their book is currently sitting #1 in both Social Media and Business categories on Amazon and has rave reviews.

Check it out right along side us and keep coming back for more Passive Income idea’s, Tips and Tricks, and follow our progress on our path to passive income!


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  1. Alexis H says:

    Although I don’t do YouTube other than for music, this seems like a very interesting and intriguing class to take especially if you want to become a YouTuber! It sounds interesting in the sales point of view!

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