All The Small Skills You’ll Need To Start An Online Business

All The Small Skills You’ll Need To Start An Online Business

If you haven’t read anything else on this blog yet, I’ll give you a bit of the lowdown. Operation Passive Income is a documentary style blog in which I discuss how I’m building a business online, sharing the information that I learn as well as build an online community that can help each other in their growth.

Sometimes I write what I need to hear myself, other times I share self development that I teach in my normal career, and other times I give updates to techniques that I’m using to show that progress over time

I have no intention to pretend that I’ve already been successful in this, but I believe there is value in seeing what someone like me will struggle with in order to help others avoid those mistakes as well. And here’s the truth of the matter, I’m following tips and tricks from the experts and using their free content to try and piece together enough info to be successful.

I, like many can’t afford to purchase the “advanced coaching” so we’re going to be learning for free for a bit and seeing how it all plays out. I did the whole “Just start” thing and this is a portion of it.

But when I “just started” I came into this world of online business with a whole lot of brick and mortar business experience, and frankly, I didn’t know all of the “other skills” that I would need to know in order to make this successful. And some of those skills are the ones the Guru’s want to get you to pay for.

In this article I’m going to discuss some of those things that you’ll need to start practicing today to get your business to take that next level up, in the same way that we are working to polish the same skills.

Graphic Design

If you’ve never had to take the time to do it, let alone do it well, then this is one of the intangible skills that it will absolutely take time to develop. I had absolutely no experience in graphic design. I had never used Photoshop, and I’m not what you would call an artist in any way, shape or form.

You really don’t know how much you’re going to need some of these skills until all of the sudden, you have to make a thumbnail and you need a featured image for your blog.

Desktop computer showing photoshop and premier pro icons with smartphone on a timer

Now there are a ton of easy to use tools such as Canva, but once you’re using them you’ll realize that you’re going to blow through all the free images really quickly and your stuff looks just like everyone else’s that are using the same “free tools”

I”m now an advocate for EVERYONE learning how to use Photoshop early in life as I’m now blown away by how much I need to know it and yet how little I do know it. While there are a ton of tutorials online, it does take some real time investing in these skills.

Social Media Marketing and Followers

When you’re not trying to market yourself online, Social media seems easy enough. You like something, you write a quick thought, post a simple picture that you like and boom. You got it all figured out right!

Wrong! If you’re trying to build yourself up on Instagram then expect a ton of up and down. Everyone is searching for the next organic follow, yet most of what you’re going to get in your follows are people doing something very similar to what you’re doing.

You’ll post up an image to get a nice batch of new followers, and then they’re gone by the next morning. They’re looking to gain that follow back from you, and once they do, they bounce out.

Facebook is changing their algorithms constantly so groups are becoming less effective, and if you’re just looking for readership it can be very challenging. In learning more and more about the social media marketing side, you’ll find that less and less are targeting on Facebook and focusing much more on Pinterest and Instagram depending on your niche’.

Social media also takes a ton of time when you’re learning how to navigate and also build GOOD content that actually generates a decent response that you’re looking for. Also if you’re trying to target Instagram, then see above on the whole graphic design part.

Video Editing and Production

This is a skill that doesn’t take as much to learn as Graphic Design in my opinion, but that’s going to depend on the type of video’s you’re looking to make.

I can tell you that if I wanted to make some videos with ton of effects then I would be lost. For me, I’m in more of the making talking heads videos and that part is fairly easy, but it does take time when you don’t really know what you’re doing.

For the intro, I still had to pay to have that made because I was looking for some animation, but the rest only took a little time to get figured out.

Additionally though, I’m not a successful YouTuber at this point, so I’m not the best resource on how to build a good video channel, but there are tons of influencers out there that can provide the structure and ideas, but getting idea’s for good content, then it’s up to you to practice those editing skills.

Patience and Confidence

Personally, I’m a patient and confident person. I’ve been in leadership roles almost my entire life and have no problem working with a team to produce results, standing in front of crowd and delivering a presentation and waiting to see results from a plan of action that I put together.

But at the same time, when you’re building an online business, it’s going to test every ounce of your patience and confidence to get started. No one is really going to read your content when you get started. No one is going to trust you when you first show up on the scene. Your product or website is not going to look as good as others you’ve seen when you first get started.

You have to constantly remind yourself that you’re going to get better and over time, you’ll be proud of the product you’re putting together. Don’t get caught up on your views because you’re not going to get any. Don’t get caught up on what you think the perception is going to be on your content.

As long as you’re proud of what you’re putting together, SOMEONE will come across it and like it. Your message will resonate somewhere, but if you spend all of your time doubting yourself or getting frustrated that you’re not making immediate progress, you’ll quit.

I know you’ll quit because I quit once. Building an online business is going to take some pivoting and learning along the way. You won’t come in as an expert, but over time, you’re going to get better so stop worrying about it and put your thoughts down.

Building Out Products

This is where I get real real with you all. I don’t know how or what products I plan on selling on this platform. I feel like I need to find some success in some of these before I can really build a product around this. Info products are amazing because they offer such a large ROI on your efforts, but I know I can’t build anything in this niche until I’m successful in it.

Therefor you have to pivot a bit. I’m building some other projects and stuff where my monetization will be much easier but that will also take some time and investment that I’m working to build up. But that is OK as well because my business will be stronger with more diversification anyway.

Therefor this blog really ends up being an information source from someone doing the exact same thing you’re doing. So hopefully that helps you to feel like you’re not alone in your growth and your struggles.

We’re here doing the same thing and trying to do the same thing. I hope to be a good resource over time and we’ll continue to put together content that helps you look at things from the right perspective as we constantly work to keep ours in the right place as well.

If you like our content and are starting to build your own online business, leave us a comment and let us know what skills you’re struggling with or give us a story on how you overcame an obstacle to find success in a new skill you had to develop.

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