Top 10 Blogging Tips I’ve Taken From Income School

Top 10 Blogging Tips I’ve Taken From Income School

If you’ve read any of our other articles then you’ll know but if you haven’t, let me introduce myself. My name is Shane Parks and I’m out to build an online business in order to generate a plethora of passive income streams.

If you’re on this website then my guess is you have thought of doing the exact same thing. Now in full transparency I’m new to this right now and what I’m doing is modeling and learning from the top influencers in each business model in order to do this. Sometimes I write for you, and sometimes I write for me but either way, hopefully I can pass along some information as I learn it.

When it comes to building passive income sites, I’ve done a ton of research online when it comes to how to effectively do SEO, how to find a niche, expectations of a niche site, and how to effectively monetize. However my favorite information comes from Income School on YouTube for their transparency and really quality free content

It’s really easy to find “Guru’s” that spout off brags and boasts about all the money they’re making but don’t really dive in to show you the real details of their websites. Not these guys. I’ve been extremely impressed with how they open up their sites to show how their traffic works, how much they are making per website and even their idea’s list.

Now I’m not in any way affiliated with them, nor do I represent them, but I want to share a quality resource when I find one. With that, let’s get into the top 10 Blogging tips I’ve taken away from Jim and Ricky from Income School. Additionally I do want to disclose that the links to their program is an affiliate link.

#1 – It Takes ~35 Weeks To Fully Rank on Google.

As I take the time to go through different Facebook groups for bloggers I see constant posts for people looking to exchange page views. Offers for 15 here, 20 there, look at me and I’ll look at you.

It should be no surprise that this isn’t going to be what grows your viewership. But how long should you expect to start seeing page views on your articles? Well it turns out that it takes awhile!

According to Jim and Ricky you’ll see a first step up around 15-16 weeks. After that you should see another rise in your ranking at 35 weeks. This is the amount of time Google will take to review the page, and then give it a rank based on your keyword(s).

Once you hit 35 weeks, you should hit around 90% of maximum rank that it will get to on Google. This gives a long period of time to run tests so make sure you take your time and write your article out right the first time.

#2 – SEO Plugins Don’t Do As Much As You Might Think

Tools like Yoast SEO are extremely popular among bloggers. However it turns out that it may actually be holding you back and having you write articles just to rank, and not for people to read.

In their 2019 SEO video, the guys discussed how they have articles that are giving red and bad ratings on their seo plugins yet still tend to rank their articles in the #1 spot by focusing on more important things.

So maybe focusing more on the quality of the content and the readability will actually get you further along. Additionally, WordPress in itself does about 90% of your SEO work for you. You more just need to focus in on the content.

#3 – Know How To Monetize Before You Start, But Don’t Monetize Right Away

You have two types of bloggers. Those that are blogging to build a business, and those blogging because they want to talk about something they love. I would assume even that type though would love to monetize their blog.

If you’re building a niche site or an authority page, you need to have a plan going in on how you’re going to monetize. This could be from Ads, affiliate sales, info products, merch…. the list goes on. Have it planned for when you reach a certain level.

However, when you first start your blog you’re only going to get a handful of views each day anyway, and Google is keen on looking for pages filled with ads and also treats affiliate links like ads.

If you take the time instead to focus in on quality of content and solving a problem for your viewers, you’ll start to see that increase in traffic over time.

Once you hit the point you’re receiving 30,000 page views a month, then its time to put the monetization plan in motion. You’ll only be missing out on a few bucks here and there on your way to that anyway

#4 – Plant a Second Seed Right Away

If you’re going to be blogging seriously as way to build a new income stream, then this is something you should work to do right away. Jim and Ricky have a program called Project 24 in which they do a course that shows how to build a blog that is making you a decent income in 24 months.

This is a method of you being able to diversify your business so you don’t have all your eggs in one basket. You plan to monetize should be different on your 2nd page than your 1st so you have money coming from different directions.

In talking about this course, they discuss starting your “authority page” first. This is the project that you’ll be working on for years to come. But while you’re building this, you should plant your second “seed” or website.

This website is intended to be a passive niche site. This is one that is focused on that little niche that you can build out solid evergreen content and then leave to work for years to come.

But since this is going to take 24 months for all the articles to start ranking and getting those lovely page views, you should plan to plant it sooner rather than later. So find your niche and jump on it!

#5- Stay Off The Social Treadmill

When I started this page, I went to Facebook and made a business page and started a group, then I did the same with Instagram, Twitter and everything else. However, it turns out that is just a waste of your time.

When you post items to those types of social media platforms, unless you have a large community of followers already built up, it’s going to fall on deaf ears. It also takes a good portion of your energy to go and organically build those communities.

Instead, use your time wisely building your content of your webpage first without wasting all of the other time on social media. Once your content is built, use searchable social platforms like Pinterest to share your content that will actually drive page views for years to come.

#6 -Follow the 1/3rd Content Mix Rules

In Jim and Ricky’s Project 24 webinar they discuss using the right product mix. This mix consists or 1/3 “Response Posts”, 1/3 “Staple Posts”, and 1/3 Pillar posts. Additionally, you should be doing these in that exact order!

For me personally, when I watched that webinar it was the first time I had ever heard these terms. As an example, this would be considered a “Staple” post.

Response posts are short 1200 -1500 word posts that answer a specific question in your niche that someone is searching for on google. You find that question and then you write the absolute best answer to that question. These are the best types of posts to rank on Google.

After you write the response posts, it’s time to write your “staple” posts. These are cool shareable content like this and other “21 ways” and “15 unbelievable tips” type posts. These are the cool posts that you can go and publicize to speed up the traffic flow to your website.

Once you have written at least 15 of each of the first type of posts, you can then start to do the larger Pillar Posts. These are the big heavy duty posts of 3000+ word articles that you write to hit on the big keywords in your niche.

Google isn’t going to rank a brand new website for those keywords so you want to take some time and write those response posts first to help build up some quality authority on your website.

#7 – Backlink Profile and Authorship is Yesterday’s SEO

Now I’m going to say this one with pure transparency. I don’t know how accurate this one is BUT I found it really interesting when they brought it up.

I’ve seen so many Facebook posts in blogger groups asking or selling backlinks, and it turns out, it all may be for nothing.

This is an old style of SEO in which bloggers would try and inflate their actual reputation or authority by trying to get as many backlinks back to their pages as possible.

This is basically trying to game the system and Googles algorithms are starting to catch up to it. Instead you want to take the time and check out #8!

#8 – Google Measures Your Reputation!

So you’re going to start a website about ATV’s! Awesome! Except…. you don’t have one. You know it’s a good niche, you’ve done your research, but how do you build a reputation without owning a 4 wheeler of your own?

This actually resonated really well with me. I mean I started a webpage about building passive income to show things that I learn, but I’m not yet earning a whole lot of passive income.

You should take care to get some real world experience in what it is you’re writing about. If you don’t own that ATV, go rent one for the weekend and get a bunch of pictures while you’re at it.

Ask questions at the shop, talk to other customers and invite other owners to share some content as well. The more hands on you get to put into your site, Google can actually measure those things within your web page. Pretty stinking cool to me.

#9 – 1200 Words is a Short Post!

Now that I’ve been writing for a bit, I don’t even realize that I’m writing long posts. But when I first started, my first posts were only around 600 words long.

You want to remember that you’re answering questions first in your response posts so take the time to deliver a great answer, and that answer should be at a minimum 1200 words long.

Staple posts can be between 1500 to 3000 words, and your pillar posts should be around 3000 words or longer, possibly even spanning a couple pages.

When you’re writing short posts, you don’t give google enough information to justify giving that response to their customers. Remember it’s Google’s responsibility to deliver the absolute best answer to person searching, so give it to them.

#10 – Remember, Blogging Is A Long Term Build

Jim and Ricky discuss right at the beginning the reason they called their product “Project 24”. Because they know that it takes time to write, time to rank, and time to start really earning anything on your blog.

They are targeting a system in which after 24 months, you can start to earn a real income off of your website that could sustain you for years to come.

Constantly online I’m seeing people ask what they are doing wrong with their websites because after two months they feel like they are still writing to a ghost town. It’s important to not give up, work hard and keep experimenting.

Summary and Resources

I’m in same boat as many of you reading this article. I’m new to the world of blogging and I think Income School’s YouTube channel incredible with giving free content that really can help you structure your articles, create great content, and most importantly, help us all get real results.

Now I haven’t done their coaching program as of yet but it’s on my agenda and I’ll be sure to give a full review once I do, but if you want to check it out, you can go to Income School here and check out their program. Also you can search for the Project 24 webinar on YouTube for their own words.

I appreciate you all checking out Operation Passive Income and please take some time to see some of our other articles that we’ve put out, and please check us out here on Facebook, and here on Instagram.

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14 thoughts on “Top 10 Blogging Tips I’ve Taken From Income School

    • Shane Parks says:

      Thank you, I really hope the information helped! And yeah don’t worry about your traffic right now, keep putting up great content and over time you’ll see that traffic start to climb. Keep going!

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  2. Moneim Oasis says:

    Great Post, I have really enjoyed it, and I will use this information to grow up my blog (
    “It Takes ~35 Weeks To Fully Rank on Google” this is the most important piece of information in this post because you need to be Patience before you see any result.

  3. Alex Re-Born says:

    I will most definitely leave a reply! I am an Income School Student, as well. I have just finished my 27th article following the plan! It,s true that you need patience and a solid plan to follow and not deviate from! (Maybe a little bit) When you write, you encounter sand, pebbles, stones, rocks, boulders, and probably 1 big mountain or 2. This process is necessary to shape you into a true blogger. Shane! You have a great blog and I absolutely agree with your Top 10 Blogging Tips and not just because Shane says it, I also see what works with proof! According to Income School, Content is King and just write, write, write. With time you will see for yourself that the first post that you thought was awesome; after the 15th, you will see now where you could easily optimize it much better! When you get to your 30th post, You notice that the learning never ends, and you are only that much better! Lots of Gold Nuggets in this post!

  4. bluegreenguitar says:

    Thanks – I remember reading this info before – ditto what other people are saying that this is a good refresher/inspiration – I like Income School’s style – some of their rules of thumb are great to keep in mind.

    24 months to possible good income, 35 weeks to rank, 30k page views before monetizing, 1.2k short post, 1.5k-3k medium & 3k+ words for a decent sized post, 1/3 content pillar, 1/3 answer questions, 1/3 staple, 1/3 pillar!

    Thanks and best wishes everyone!

  5. Tanvir Hassan says:

    Very honest and informative post. I started my affiliate website 3 years ago. Posted nearly 150 articles. But now it’s dying. I’ll try one last time to revive my site. Your insight about income school certainly helped me a lot. Thanks.

  6. Mick says:

    Interesting read Shane.

    I started a blog back in September 2017 and spent around 6 months writing content, but to be honest, I didn’t really know what I was doing so I decided to call it a day and I didn’t know whether I would be coming back or not.

    That break happened to be around 17 months but I did come back in March 2020 with a different mindset because writing content to a ghost town takes it out of you.

    Anyway fast forward to now, but I would say 6 months ago when I learned how to ramp things up and produce 20+ posts/reviews a month containing 2000-3000 words with 200 post/reviews the site is still not really making anything.

    A lot of the stuff I write is on Page/1 and I have noticed a spike in traffic which is what is keeping me going.

    Someone asked me recently when do you call time and say this is enough to which I replied, I will crack this but I know it will take time.

    Just thought I’d share.

    Cheers, Mick

    Anyway I came back

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