January 2019 Updates And February Goals

January 2019 Updates And February Goals

The first month of the year is coming to an end and it’s been an extremely busy month. I’m excited to deliver our first update after laying out all of my 2019 goals for the year. I’ll be taking the time each month to break down my goals and give an update for where we stand so we can show the progress that we’ve been making

In January we were able to make a lot of progress on this blog especially, while working to get other parts of our business up and running, and February should be when we are able to launch a few new portions of our overall business plan. I’ll break out each part to give some stats and thoughts around each part of the business.

Blog updates

Turns out that talking about blogs is my blog’s most read topic! All joking aside, I felt like we had a very successful month in our second month of working on this blog.

We ended up seeing a 57% increase in overall blog traffic with 667 views. We grew our unique visitors from 224 to 408 for an 80% increase MOM. This is still nowhere near where a website makes money but it is fun to see it grow.

Some of the fun stats we had was that we amassed 171 likes on the articles and 47 comments. We also saw views from 48 different countries.

Along with those countries we had 10 different referrers bring traffic to the blog, led by the vast majority coming from Facebook. Google+ was a surprising second but really only came from a single article.

The main page had the most total views but I had a few articles do fairly well for being less than a month old. As I said above, Blogging tends to be my most popular topic, mainly due to me sharing in mostly blogging groups.

February goal is to expand the groups in which I share and find some more self development and leadership groups to find a good place to share some of those types of articles.

Also we are still patiently waiting to see how some of these rank in search in the near future as Google was actually a small piece of the referrer list since the site is still trying to build it’s authority.


This was a part of my goals that I completely whiffed on. While I did record and edit 3 videos, I have yet to complete the thumbnails as it looked like I was going to take a different direction.

I’ll be spending some time in the coming weeks getting my thumbnail strategy in line and have a goal to start uploading twice per week. I’m upset with myself that I didn’t get this started the way I wanted to, but I plan to use that motivate my way through February.

Yeah a little rough having to share this one….

Social Media

I’m trying to figure out if I spent to much time or too little time on social media. I took my focus almost completely off building the Facebook group for now, instead deciding to try building up my Instagram and Twitter accounts instead, and sharing out my content on Pinterest to a degree.

What I didn’t anticipate is how different those two platforms work. I was seeing absolutely no movement on Instagram what soever until I built a content strategy and a design concept around it. Once I did that I began to see results.

Twitter on the other hand has been a monster that I’m trying to get figured out. Now remember if you look back at my 2019 goals, I am building this social media accounts with absolutely zero friends or family, and by resisting follow for follow or buying up followers, so this is 100% from scratch.

To me it’s really interesting to see the difference in people that follow you just to get the follow back vs the behavior of people who actually follow because they like the content you’re sharing.

While those numbers may not be huge yet, we still saw a huge increase MOM. We went from 106 total follows to 254 with an increase of 139.6%. Over time as well I expect to these start to compound along themselves as we continue to create more content.

Income Streams

In January I had hoped to relaunch the YouTube channel and publish my first book. While the book is written, I haven’t been able to get it proofread and edited quite yet.

Right now my biggest focus has been adding new content to this website, but I have a ton of stuff coming that we’ve been planning. We’ll have a new niche site launching in February, as well as the YouTube channel and the book WILL be published.

I also have plans to try a Shopify Drop Shipping website and currently working on narrowing down the niche in which we want to work in there. I may end up doing that along side the niche blog site or combine the two into one. I haven’t quite made up my mind yet there.

In preparation of doing I did a ton of research weighing out the difference between Amazon FBA and Shopify Drop Shipping. It was one of those posts that I really wrote for myself, but you’re more than welcome to check it out.

We did see a 12.33% conversion our affiliate links, as few purchases worth a few dollars but not much yet to speak off. We have not yet resorted to Facebook or Google ads as I want to make sure I’m happy with the content before I really start to do paid traffic, and website ad revenue is still under $1. I’ll be excited to do those income reports more as we continue to build.

February Goals & Objectives

On top of sticking to the goals we lined out at the beginning of the year, I do have some new goals specifically for February that I want to focus on as well so I’ll break some of those of those down.

First goal is to finish building out other portions of the website. I’ve noticed that I’m getting a little more traffic from Google and that traffic isn’t as focused on the articles, instead they are wandering around the site and I haven’t fully built that out yet. In order to make sure that I can drive return traffic, I must have the rest built.

Second goal is to increase my total content to 15 new articles on O.P.I. as well as have 10 posts ready and typed out for the new niche site. That will take roughly 25 hours worth of content build, but may take a little longer when it comes to research as well.

Third goal is to improve my process of publicizing some of my older content so we can build on each article with a compounding effect to drive web traffic to another 50% increase MOM.

I’m not sure anyone will care about my goals and progress we are making, BUT I don’t care HAHA! For me this is a process that allows me to show what a real journey into this world of online business looks like and sharing what we are going through as we do it. If that helps you, then AWESOME! but for me it’ll allow me to come back and look at where I started and what I accomplished over time.

I really am excited for February though to see what new progress comes from the work we put in. I’d love to hear some of your goals, where you really excelled in January and even if we can help with any goal that you missed. Thanks again for tuning in!

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