Building Intertwining Content for Compound Growth

Building Intertwining Content for Compound Growth

Have you ever heard the term “Compound Growth?” Most of the time you hear this term when you’re talking about finances or interest right? But what if I told you that you can take the same approach when comes to how you build your content, and that is how you can win, and why so many people fail.

As I’ve taken the time to start this website twice now, I’ve started to come to the realization that most people aren’t successful in building an online business not because they aren’t smart enough or talented enough.

It’s mostly because they are too afraid to start, or that they start and quit when they feel discouraged that nobody is reading their content. Most likely even this article will only get a handful of views in it’s first few months of creation.

But you’re quitting too early and not building near enough content. Let’s dive in and figure out why that is!

Comparing Compounding Growth with Content and Finances

So let’s talk a little about investing and compound interest for a second. You decide that you’re going to buy your first stocks! Woohoo! You’re an investor! You bought 10 shares of this one company for $25 a share costing you $250. Next day the share price jumps, and for ease of explanation purposes we’ll say it went up one whole whopping dollar! You just make yourself $10.

While that’s a huge increase in the stock value, you aren’t getting rich off of 10 whole shares. You need to continue to invest, continue to diversify, and continue the process of compound growth right?

Well it’s kind of the same concept. You can’t put out 25 pieces of content, quit writing, and expect the whole world to see it and boom you’ve got 10,000 views.

However, if over time, let’s say you build build 3 websites that have 100 articles of content each, 2 YouTube Channels with a combined 500 videos, and a podcast that has 300 episodes. At that point you have so much content out there that you’ve given yourself a chance to finally be heard within your niche.

The number of people that take the time to start a website is huge, but the number of people that take the time to build THAT much content that we stated above…. the number gets smaller and smaller and smaller.

It’s Really All in the Math

When you look at the major influencers within most niche’s, they have large channels that have been going for years. Well developed websites or blogs, they have a podcast with a large playlist of episodes, and a social media following that took time to cultivate a true group of people.

When you have hundreds of pieces of content all funneling people into the same direction, you have a much higher chance of conversion. At the end of the day that is how your business will stay around and be profitable.

When it comes to consistently putting out content, all the major platforms will reward you for that consistency. YouTube, Google, Instagram all reward content creators for regularity and helps you grow your reputation within their systems.

Additionally, you’re looking to create views from views by creating bingeable content and linking them back together strategically. When you have successfully brought in a view to a certain article, you should have a plan to send them to the next “piece” of information that they are probably looking for.

When you can successfully do that, you increase your click through rate and you’re more likely to gain them as a follower, or even better, a customer. But you’ll need to be willing to continue to put out more and more content. When you allow yourself to become THE resource, it will pay off in the end.

Create a Content Strategy

We’ve established that 25 pieces of content isn’t going to work. We know we need to build A LOT, but how do we do it in a way that is efficient when we are still building it all up?

Well the fastest way that I’ve encountered is a content building strategy from Project Life Mastery coach Stefan James. In his content strategy, he first records a YouTube video. Once he’s recorded it, he has it transcribed into a blog post and edited for his readers. Once that is edited, he also takes the audio and puts it into a podcast format for his listeners.

That one idea can easily become 3 different forms of content, but covering the same material. And in each, you can point you readers, viewers or listeners back to another version of your content.

This is a simple method overall and not every video will make a great podcast but it should at least give you an idea on how you can structure it. You could do the blog post first and use that as your talking points, but then go deeper in your videos or even deeper in the podcast.

Another great idea is to break up your content into pieces so that it can be consumed through multiple views. If you have an idea for a 5 steps video, put only 1 step into each of the videos. You just nailed 5 views for the price of 1!

Also, be sure to direct your readers or viewers back to your other content to show what else it is you have to offer. When a reader sees you have published a hundred articles, you’ve shown that credibility and you’re more likely to convert.

Quality AND Quantity

While building large amounts of content is the winning strategy over the long run, it’s not an excuse for being lazy about the stuff you’re putting out. If you start turning out content just to put it out, it’s not going to get the response you’re looking for anyway.

When it comes time to put together a video or a post, you still need to take the time to do the research, put in all the right keywords, tag it right, everything. Don’t hurt your self by being lazy and just pumping it out left and right because then no one will listen, no one will read it, no one will watch it.

Content marketing is still one of the absolute best ways to build a business online, but it doesn’t work for you if the content isn’t good enough to get your customer to buy.

Going back to the content strategy above, if you are feeling discouraged or tired or even a little burnt out, go back to the content strategy that you laid out and get yourself motivated again. If you need some help keeping yourself accountable to you and to your followers then check out this article we did about 10 ways to help hold yourself accountable.

In there I discuss how to set your goals and put yourself in the right mindset you’re going to need in order to build a vast network of content that will make everything you’re doing worthwhile.

Also please be sure to check out more of my most recent articles on blogging, building a YouTube Channel and more below and thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this.

If you have any thoughts or experience on this, please leave us a comment below to help motivate others looking to build their online empires!

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