6 Reasons Why I’m Deciding to Turn My Blog Into A Podcast

6 Reasons Why I’m Deciding to Turn My Blog Into A Podcast

When you start your online business, or if you’re thinking about starting one, which method do you first jump to when you think about getting started?

Maybe a blog? Maybe a YouTube channel? Maybe Shopify or Amazon? Well what about a podcast? I had the opportunity the other night to sit in on Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income webinar on starting a podcast…. and man… Pat is good at what he does.

Now, give me a little credit, I started Operation Passive Income prior to ever coming across Pat’s Smart Passive Income, and by no means am I looking to copy anything that he’s doing, but I loved what he had to say about podcasting.

So much so that I am deciding right here and now that I’ll be turning Operation Passive Income into a podcast by mid-March. Stick around to the end of this article and I’ll let you know what my plans are for the show, but since this is a chronicle of my journey to earning passive income, I wanted to share some of the key highlights that have me looking to make this leap.

It’s a More Connectable Medium

So I’m already spending time coming up with and writing content for the blog. I know that I’ll be turning this into a YouTube Channel soon as well, I’ve got social media aspirations that I’m making content for….So why do I want to add another platform by launching a podcast?

I mean this is supposed to be Operation PASSIVE Income… not work my tail off Income right? Well yes it is. But as I’ve said before, when you’re getting started, there’s not a passive thing about any of this.

Additionally, I’m not willing to lock myself into any one single method of income, and IF I’m going to sell anything down the future, you have to make a connection with people and add value. Period.

This is why I feel like podcasting is the best method to go. While I can say that I appreciate every single person that decides to spend their time on this blog reading what I have to say and share, I know that it’s not the best medium to connect with you.

If you look at the graph below, this is actually the amount of time that each of the big for content platforms you can expect to receive per piece. I leaned toward doing this blog first. Then I’m doing social media, while working on launching the YouTube Channel.

The only problem with that plan I said above, is that I’m missing the most effective consumption method! You mean to tell me that as long as I produce a good show, that I can get people to actually listen to me for 30 minutes! I can actually build a community around that!

It makes sense too doesn’t it? If you think about it, you almost feel silly for not considering it in the first place. I know personally I listen to podcasts while I’m driving, while I’m falling asleep at night, when I’m flying from one destination to another… I listen to podcasts all the time.

And you don’t subscribe to just one podcast, you have several that you subscribe to. That should leave an opening for us!

Playing to My Own Strengths

The biggest reason I’m making this decision though is I feel that it plays to my strengths. I have made a living from talking since I was 16 years old. I started selling electronics when I was a kid and have been in sales ever since and I still do it now.

I run and record training sessions, hold conference calls constantly and do videos for the company that I work for now. I’ve been conducting interviews forever and a day and I used to do radio ads on the side about 5 years ago.

I also have been performing on stage in some capacity since I was a kid and do a ton of public speaking events so I feel very comfortable verbally to communicate clearly and I think I can make it entertaining as well.

All of these things combined are screaming at me to do start this podcast! I can’t believe I haven’t done it sooner to be honest with you!

However, There Are Things To Learn

Man alive… I feel like I’ve already overloaded my system with all the information that I’ve been studying just to be able to build this website, begin sharing and marketing… but now there is even more to learn!

I took the time since the webinar to look at a couple different podcast hosting sites and have decided that I’ll be hosting with Libsyn, and recording with Audacity.

I have a fairly cheap condenser microphone that I tried to get on a budget but I can’t get the buzz out of it so I’ll be looking to invest a little more money on a decent system to get started.

I’ll need to work on learning Audacity enough that I can efficiently edit the cast and get it prepared for launch, while also learning how to set up accounts with iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and all the other major podcast platforms.

I’m also interested to play with Libsyn to see how detailed I need to make the website since I plan on simply hosting it there, but using Operation Passive Income to promote and have a player build in here.

I’ll also need to study the structure of other popular podcasts to get a feel for the type of cadence that I want my show to have and think my way through segments that keep the show interesting and fun.

But the most important thing I get to learn, is how to better communicate with all of you! Getting people interested in doing this same type of stuff on the show and how to reach out and book guests and leaders in this space to help our listeners and readers alike. I can’t wait to learn all these new tools.

My Plan for the Podcast!

So here is my plan first but I want to ask you all as well. If there is something in this niche that you feel like you want to hear more of, PLEASE let me know in the comments below! I want to make a show that my readers want to listen to!

I hope for this show to be a combination of 3 things. First is to bring the perception of creating an online business from a totally new perspective. I have not yet done enough to be considered an expert. Therefor, I want to find guests that are only a few steps ahead of me that want to share what the difference has been for them

There are a lot of experts LIKE Pat Flynn that give great information, but some of it honestly still flies over my head. This should allow me the opportunity to ask questions that may be more simple, but will be more effective for those JUST starting out on this journey.

Secondly, I want to give my take on personal development. I’ve been coaching team members for 15 years and have been very successful in my career in developing young minds to find success in their lives and I feel I have some good value to add there.

And lastly, I want to find students of all the major coaching programs in the passive income and online business niche’s to give fair testimonials on these programs like Video Ranking Academy 2.0, Project 24, K Money Mastery and the likes so we can help people find tools that will really help them excel, or to help people avoid wasting money on the ones that don’t quite deliver.

If this sounds like a show you may be interested in, let us know below, or if you’d like to be featured as one of our first guests, I’d love to take the time to talk as well!

Again thank you all so much for coming back to O.P.I. and please share our content out there. Connect with me on Twitter @OPIathome, or find our Facebook group as well! Thanks for reading!

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