Are You Stuck In A Cyclical State Of Mind?

Are You Stuck In A Cyclical State Of Mind?

Have you ever sat down to work on your blog, or to record a new video and it feels like your mind just goes blank? Or you think of a new project that fills you with excitement, just to have that feeling subside and bore you just a couple weeks later and suddenly you have the next amazing idea?

This may be you stuck in a cyclical state of mind where you cycle from one passion to the next, over and over again, just not knowing where you want to spend your time. This can be an extremely tough challenge if you’re trying to build a business around one of these quick burning passions.

I’ve heard before that Passive Income should be Passion Income, but is that really true? They also say that when you decide to build a blog or a channel that you should niche way down. Focus on a small target audience so that you get attention right?

But what happens when you niche down so far that you no longer feel passionate about repeating the same thing over and over and over again?

In this article I want to give some methods and tips to help keep you focused but also allow your brain to wander and explore a little bit. It may mean expanding outside of your sub-niche, but it may also mean keeping your sanity and not quitting on your own business.

My Own Issues with A Cyclical State of Mind

If you’ve read any of my other articles then you may know but there are times where I’ll take the time to write something that I actually need to hear myself.

While I’ve been able to mitigate it more and more over the years, I really love discovering new things. Honestly it’s the reason this website even exists, the reason I have a handful of videos up on YouTube.

It’s also the reason I love to play poker, can give way to many facts about Game of Thrones, can spit out the entire Dave Ramsey game plan, and know just about everything about papel history through the centuries.

I’ll get onto something for a little bit and I go ALL out, consuming like no other, learning everything I possibly can. But eventually, you feel like you’ve learned what you can out of it and you cycle over to the next thing.

Now to tell the truth, I started this blog in December of 2017, worked on it for two months-ish and then moved on after writing a total of 8 articles, most of which were absolutely terrible.

Luckily however, my cyclical mind eventually brought me back to the page and I found the passion to start writing once again and realigned my goals with time. But now that I’m back doing it again, how do I keep myself focused and not get pulled off in another direction again? Well let me give out my strategy!

Allow For Cycles In the Business

If the above description sounds like you then don’t worry! You’re not alone and there are ways we can give structure to ourselves that helps us stay focused on the long term plan.

First thing is that it’s O.K. to allow yourself and your interests to wander. While some people may be able to focus in on a singular point of their business like a blood hound on a scent, it doesn’t work for everyone.

Instead, as you spend time consciously building and forming the structure of your business, build it in a way that allows for your brain to run it’s cycles. If I was to do nothing but build content on this website, I may go crazy.

Think of ways you bring new topics into your niche that allows your creativity to return.

However, when you start to diversify your process, it can help you avoid the repetitiveness burnout, at least until you really find that passion that you feel comfortable repeating continuously.

This diversification can come in many different forms as well. If you’re wanting to stay focused on blogging but have difficulty staying on course within your niche, then don’t be afraid to branch out to verticals that work within your niche’ but allows your brain to explore new territories.

For me, I have a ton of topics that I’m covering here. Really anything that could potentially build you a passive income stream, I want to eventually cover here on this blog, but I also don’t want to spend all of my time and energy just producing articles.

Utilize All Four Corners of Content Marketing

This is what I’m extremely excited for. I’ve spent the last few months working to build up new content here and share everything I’ve been learning. But it’s time to finally start branching out.

In my last article, I wrote about the reasons I’ve decided I’m going to turn this blog into a podcast. Along with that, I’ll be relaunching my YouTube Channel, as well as focusing in on my social media presence.

The reason isn’t just to add more to the plate. Instead it’s focused to keep my mind engaged. Some nights I’m much more up to talking and discussing than I am just sitting down and writing. This allows myself to run through these cycles, talk about a lot more different topics, but most importantly it helps me connect so much more with YOU!

Aside from my own personal reasons though, it’s a 4 fold focus that keeps you working on different projects, yet helps you accomplish the same goals. If you think about the way we create content, a lot of it can be adapted into multiple different platforms.

Then think about how different people CONSUME different content. A really cool stat I found shows that people tend to spend 5-10 minutes on a blog post. Then, on video, people tend to spend between 3-5 minutes. Social media gets the smallest engagement at less than a minute as they scroll on by. But podcasting gets you engagement for 30+ minutes.

Some people like to read, others like to watch, some enjoy listening. By allowing your brain to wander into new platforms, you ALSO allow your followers to engage with you in different ways. It makes a perfect match if your brain likes to go in those cyclical patterns.

Let’s Bring It All Together

So if you’re having a hard time staying on brand, or staying on message because you’ve niched all the way down, you need to stop fighting that before you simply just burn out. We all like to move onto something new. Instead of burning it out, just branch out.

We all love to move on something new. Instead of burning out, just BRANCH out.

If you have a Blog, podcast, social media, AND YouTube Channel, and you start covering 3-4 topics frequently, then you have 16 ways to exercise your creativity. Then it’s up to you to focus your energy in the place that it wants to be. If you need help staying on track after branching out, check out 10 Tips to Help Hold Yourself Accountable.

A great example of this is my blog. I’ve been posting new content 2-3 times per week, yet I felt that slight bit of burn out coming. I’ve been talking about different topics, but at the same time, was excited to try something new.

So I decided to take a week off from the blog to learn some new skills that I’ll need for my upcoming projects. In doing so I took that week off and as I sit here to write this article, I feel refreshed and empowered. All because I let my brain free for a couple of extra days.

If you struggle with your own cyclical mind like I do and need any help branching out or getting that inspired feeling back, be sure to reach out to me as I’d love to help!


Also, for those that are making your way back to this blog consistently, I want to say thank you as always for your support! We have doubled our subscribers in just the last 2 weeks alone!

But also, if any of you out there have started your online business and have a great story to share, I’m looking for guests on my upcoming podcast! I will be debuting it April 1st and I’m looking to find guests that would like to share their stories of how they’ve transitioned from the 9-5 job or are still in the transition to go full time.

If you’re interested, please go to the contact me page and fill it out and I’ll be sure to reach back out to you!

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