How to Sell Digital Products Without A Website (Step-by Step)

Do you have a digital product that you’re ready and excited to sell, but aren’t quite ready to commit to starting a website? Or maybe you’re just looking to sell and deliver your product digitally straight from your Facebook page or group?

In this article, I’m going to walk you through a few easy steps to get you up and running selling your digital products WITHOUT a website!

While I highly recommend in the future, setting up and selling your products directly from your website, I also remember exactly how my wife and I started our business. We were new to online business and not really sure of where to start, but we had a product we were looking to sell and deliver digitally and we had no clue what we were doing.

Since we knew we had demand for our product, we decided to focus on getting members to join our Facebook group first and sell from there while we worked on developing our website.

Within a matter of only about an hour, we had our product uploaded and ready to sell to our customers. Over the next few days, we integrated some really amazing tools that also helped us grow our mailing list and even launched our own affiliate program.

Why Digital Products are an Incredible Model

If you even found this page then you probably have an idea on why digital products are one of the best business models you can utilize in your online business.

They can be developed once and then sold in perpetuity as long as the content remains relevant to your consumer. It has absolutely zero cost except for the time you put into it, except for the cost of the platform in which you sell it on.

This is why for me, I wanted to ensure that I found an affordable, yet simple enough program in which to house my products so that I could maximize our profitability.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about having or maintaining any inventory. This is a big win for someone looking to start an online business with a limited budget. There’s also no shipping that you need to worry about either since your digital product is just a download away!

Also, you can use your digital product as a free download to get your customer into a sales funnel that you create to steer them towards a larger purchase or course.

What Kind of Digital Products Can you Sell?

When my friends and family ask what we are doing online in our business and I tell them that we are developing and selling digital products, we tend to get quite a few puzzled looks.

As I explain that we are simply selling a Word document with a collection of graphics and images all wrapped up in a zip file, they seem to be even more confused. Yes, it may seem silly to those on the outside, however, there are so many different types of digital products that you can create for your customers.

This is why it’s important to understand your target customer and to develop exactly what they need in the format that they need it. Remember, you’re really only limited by your own creativity and every niche could use something different.

A few ideas that might help you get started:

  • Printable PDF’s
  • E-Books
  • Videos/ Video Courses
  • Step by Step Tutorial Documents
  • Audio or Music Files
  • Niche Specific Excel Files
  • Subscriptions or Membership
  • Software or Add on’s
  • Photos or Graphics
  • Templates
  • Blueprints/ Building plans

Again, this is just a place to get started. My wife and I started with a Zip file that contained a Word Doc and curated graphics to help direct sellers in their Facebook Groups, then expanded to excel documents to help people organize their business.

Today, we utilize several of the above products and have expanded to have over 100 digital products available to our customers.

Fast and Easy Setup

As we were looking to launch our products, we did several searches to find the best platform in which to host our product. In the end we decided on SendOwl due to their product reviews, simple user interface and their low cost of entry.

Starting at only $9/mo to start, and no per sale fee to worry about, Sendowl had a suite of features that was perfect for us start out with.

Now, the $9 plan does say it’s good for only 10 products with limited customization and only 1 GB of Storage. I would recommend starting with at least the $15 plan as you get 30 products, some other features and 3 GB of storage for only $6 more. Well worth the upgrade.

Signing up for the service is extremely easy, not really any different than signing up for any subscription based service. And since you get 30 days for free, they actually don’t take any payment information up front.

You can actually go straight from sign up to setup as quick as it takes your browser to load the new page.

From here, adding a product is extremely simple. You give the product a title, enter a price point, and select the product from your computer that you want to sell.

You also have the option to sell either a digital product, service, subscription or a bundle.

Once you’ve set up your product, you’ll get a page with a product link. From there you can copy and paste into any link you set up, or you also have the ability to get button codes to embed within a page or post.

Being as new to all of this as I was when we first started our business, I was relieved to find a platform that worked as easily as SendOwl does.

How to link and Sell Within Your Facebook Page or Group

Alright, now that you’ve got your first digital product loaded in your POS system, it’s time to get to marketing and selling your product. The most convenient thing about SendOwl is that it gives you direct product links.

In fact, when we first started, we were selling our products one on one through facebook messenger. Simply copying the Quick Sell link and hitting send!

However, once we built out our Facebook group, we would create a file document in the group and create a simple sales page. From there, you can highlight a portion of the text, and just paste in the sales link.

Another option is to copy your button code and paste in as HTML to give you the BUY NOW kind of feeling. Either way has worked great for us and we’ve seen really awesome results since launching.

Utilizing our Facebook group was key as well as we didn’t have to worry about re-directing our following to another page or having to deal with setting up an entire e-commerce store right off the bat.

We have since created a web page for this business and use WooCommerce for a large portion of our business, but we continue to utilize SendOwl in several different ways to this day.

Top Features to Help You Grow

At least for me, there are a few different objectives that I want to make sure I accomplish on a daily basis for our business, and when I was looking for software to distribute our products, I wanted to make sure that they could accomplish that.

Number 1 above all is the ability to grow our email list. With all the magic of social media, I want to make sure that I have that one on one ability to directly communicate with our customers or our funnel.

Number 2, I wanted to make sure that even with a simple platform, that I had the ability to upsell, and Number 3, that if I wanted to, I could sign up some affiliates to go and market our new products for us.

Those 3 business basics were crucial into the decision making process we went through when it came to choosing a platform. Lucky for us, SendOwl had all three of those features.

1- Email List Integration

Your email list generation should be at the top of your mind as you’re getting you new systems up and running. It’s one of the very very few methods of communication you have that is “algorithm free”!

SendOwl luckily has integration options for many of the top email marketing companies on the market. If you’re looking to start this part up for free, I recommend MailChimp. It’s what we use currently, though it is a little limited on what you can do with it, but it’s free for your first 2000 subscribers.

The email list integration is actually under the “Marketing Tab” instead of the settings tab so be sure to look through all of your features. It’s in this same area that you can set up your upsells as well.

If you’re not sure how to set up your integration or don’t know how to find your API Key, SendOwl has a great support link here

2- Upsells and Cart Abandonments

Having the ability to get your customer to upgrade their purchase is CRUCIAL to your bottom line. Even if you can increase the average order by $5-$10, when you do it a thousand times, it matters.

Even more important though is how do you get your customer BACK after they’ve left their cart without even checking out? If you don’t have something built in to bring them back, the chances are slim that they do it on their own.

As I showed above, under the marketing tab, you have the ability to add several different upsells as well as set up notifications for cart abandoners. And yes, I just made that a word.

As you can see here, there are so many options for you to add that “extra” in with whatever product you choose. You can offer it at a discount, before or after payment, or even replace what they’re ordering with a higher ticket item.

Same applies with the cart abandonment. Choose an action that you would like to happen, whether that’s a special offer that displays, or you can still sign them up to your email list and redirect to a specific list.

A few minutes to set this up in the beginning will help you increase your total conversion rate significantly!

3- Affiliate Program

I’ve talked a lot about affiliate marketing on this blog. It’s such an incredible opportunity online for ANYONE! However, I never really anticipated having the opportunity to recruit my OWN affiliates.

This was a big win for me as I didn’t have to worry about paying for an additional plug in or having some software that is $200/mo to integrate in an affiliate program.

The other benefit, is there’s no monthly fee for SendOwl Affiliates! They can sign up for an affiliate log in and they can see all of your products and links that they are able to offer to their audience.

The only issue I had with this is it didn’t generate automatic payments for me, so I did have to take the time to run the affiliate reports and issue the payments manually.

With the setup, you have full access to change your cookie length, your pay delay length to protect against returns, which email list the customer gets added to and more. They also have a decent suite of affilate reporting options as well to keep track of your sellers.

It’s a simple system and simple setup, but it works pretty great if you’re just launching and not comfortable with more advanced plug ins and systems.

Reporting and Statistics

When it comes to reporting options, for me, I like simple. If I have to much to look at, I’ll spend all my time just looking at reports. A little analysis paralysis if you will.

SendOwl’s reporting package gives you really what you need and not much more. They give you your total conversion rate, your gross profit, net profit, total fees and nice charts.

You also have export capabilities to really run the numbers and deep dive into your business.

You can break all your reporting down to day, by product, by affiliate, geographic and a few other fun options to poke around in.

Again though, spend your time focused in on your content and sales vs just looking at reports all day. Keep your time profitable!

Let’s Wrap This Up

If you’re looking to find out how to sell digital products without a website, then I really hope this helped you out. For my wife and I, this is where we saw the realization that building a business on the internet from our home could really be a reality.

Unfortunately, so many people look to jump into other online business models first thinking that they have no idea what kind of digital product they can create. Little do they realize the power of selling digital information products that you can create!

It’s truly up to your own imagination and your ability to read your niche and deliver high quality value that will help your audience out. Once you’ve done that, you can build a product once and sell it for as long as it’s relevant.

I also hope that the tools that SendOwl has can help you as much as it did for me. For the price (especially not having a transaction fee) you really can’t beat the value that I’ve personally witnessed. And if you liked this article and would like to support us while trying out SendOwl, use any of the links above as they are for my referral program.

Good luck out there and stay true to YOUR Operation Passive Income!