I’m A Product Of The Great Resignation…And It Has Nothing To Do With Covid

As 2021 continues into the second half, we have seen an incredible shift in marketplace dynamics. In April of 2021, over 4 million people resigned from their jobs… I put in my notice in May.

Many people stating that the pandemic has changed their perspectives on life itself. All of the sudden when you don’t have to make a 45 min commute each way to the office, you start to see that there’s more out there than the modern American work load.

It’s no secret that most people hate their job. According to a PEW research study, 49% of all people feel like they are satisfied with their job. To me, the math says that 51% ARE NOT! Half of the country is unhappy with what it is they do.

The rates also continue to fall with the less money you make. Those making $30k or less per year only had a 39% satisfaction rating.

This is dangerous territory for corporations and companies that rely upon the workforce that they try to keep under those levels of income. As more people open up to the ability to earn an income online, more and more will find entrepreneurial opportunities on their own.

It started WAY before the pandemic.

For me, I started opening my eyes in late 2015.

I came up in the bustling wireless industry of the mid 2000’s where the money was flying and any one willing to buy in fully to the culture of the industry had a great path to a strong career. Within a few years, I was 24 years old running large territories and making six figures a year.

I was an up and comer with a Director position in my sights, spewing the company mantra and getting my entire team all riled up to go hit their accessory attach rate targets and hit an all time record of insurance attach rate! HU RAH!

All the way up to the point where something good happened for me, and it interfered with them. I met someone at work, and we embarked into a relationship. We followed the company handbook, disclosed the relationship immediately and all was good.

Except that it wasn’t. It completely tanked my career.

It was then that I realized that the company loyalty I always thought existed only went one way.

After years of service and a TON of money made for the company, they showed me that they really just didn’t care ABOUT me. They love the results I put up, but in their mind, I was actually dispensable. They could find another one of me ready to take on the challenge within just a couple days.

It wasn’t long after I realized that that all the sudden I started to see the walls closing in.

The Annual Corporate Hunger Games.

As the company I worked for continued to grow, I also started to notice a new trend, at least in my company that I now know is replicated in companies across the country. The annual “realignment”…..or as I started to call it, the annual Hunger Games.

Each year, as the fiscal year started to come around, it was time for the company to assess the situation and see what new “effeciencies” could be found across the company.

“And districts that can be combined? Do we need an extra market there? Could we get each disctrict manager to run 13 stores instead of 10?”

And then we would all be informed that we would be receiving a call to let us know if we are sticking around another year or not. And every year, when you were allowed to stay, I remember feeling a sign of relief and even gratefulness. I regret ever feeling those emotions now.

In fact, I even lost my job for an entire 8 hours, until they found they could relocate someone else instead of letting me go from where they JUST MOVED ME TO!

It was THAT moment I realized I could not, for the sake of my family, put my financial future in the hands of a corporation that couldn’t give two squats about to begin with. It was time to make a change.

The Realization of The Opportunity That Is The Internet

We’ve all seen those ads on Facebook or Youtube. How to make $1000 a month doing this, and how to make $100 a day doing that…

How many of those have you passed by. I know I had passed by several, but maybe they were worth looking into. I dove into the “How to Make Money Online” phenomenon and started to learn about all the different business models that are available on the internet.

And it was then I realized that if I spend my time learning how these things worked, that I could ACTUALLY go do this for myself and no longer have to rely upon some other company for my family’s well being.

Along with that, I wouldn’t have to dedicate 60 hours a week to a boss that gave no damns about my family time or work life balance. The truth of the matter was, I liked being around my kids more than any employee that has worked for me.

I would much rather focus my time on my passions, my family and making my time count instead of selling it away every two weeks for some money.

And so we set to work. And we learned new skills on YouTube that eventually helped us build a business that allowed me and my wife to walk away from six figure incomes to work for our customers from the comfort of our home.

But the real truth of the matter is that anyone working entry level anywhere, can make more money with simple side hustles online. From Marketplace flipping to affiliate marketing, there are a LOT of opportunities and corporations are going to have to keep up if they want to continue to fill their entry level ranks.

This Is Only The Beginning!

As we continue into the second half of 2021, all the writing on the wall is that this is going to continue to be the trend going forward. With corporations continuing to treat entry level with a disposable state of mind, people will continue to get fed up and find OTHER ways earning an income.

We really are not far off from each person being able to work and develop a brand of SOMETHING, find 1000 true fans to share it with and be able to make 3x the money that most corporations are willing to start people at.

These skill sets are going to continue to be delivered for free outside of the college system, and people like you and me can live the middle class creator lifestyle.

If you want to more about the way that works, be sure to join the Operation Passive Income Facebook group, where I’ll be talking about this subject on Friday 8/13 at 8:30pm Central time.

See you all soon!