Why You NEED An Email List Right Away (7 CRUCIAL Reasons!)

If you’ve been looking to start a business online, or even a YouTube Channel, Blog or any other type of venture on the internet, there is one CRUCIAL piece you should be focused on FIRST.

An email list.

While we may have passed the hay day of email marketing of 2004, it is still one of the most important assets any business, influencer or entity can possess.

The direct access to your followers/customers without the finger crossing of social media is the ultimate holy grail of anyone looking to market themselves online.

But if you’re concerned about how or why you need to start, be sure to read to the end of this article.

#1 – Your List Is An Asset That You OWN!

When it comes to anything online, most us live in rented space. Your Facebook page, Instagram Profile, TikTok Account… those all live on rented space.

But an email list that you start to curate is an asset all of your own making and you truly own it. You can download it, move it and keep, but it IS yours.

In fact, you could rebuild or start an entirely new business built of the back of an email list that you have collected over time in any other business!

#2 – You Don’t Have To Rely On Social Media Algorithms To Get Your Message To Your Fans.

Social media reach is a struggle for every budding online entrepreneur. You throw a post out and cross your fingers that your heading is good, you have a decent hook, and you’re just trying to get it in front of eyeballs.

Only to see that your impressions were…. ugh.

This is where email is so important! You have direct access to the most used app on their device! Did you know that people engage with their email 3x more than they do their social media? Huge, right!?

As your email hits your subscribers inbox, you can be confident that it’s now going to sit in front of their eyes, now it’s just up to your incredible Subject line to get them to click.

#3 – Your Subscribers Already Said Yes To You!

This is a point that is rarely stated in other articles you find on this topic. But the people that you can get onto your email list have ALREADY said YES to you!

You had something of value that they were interested in and now they are in your ecosystem, which means they are at least willing to receive the message you’re wanting to deliver.

If you do it right, that means the next thing you want to let them know about, they are more willing to at least ACCEPT the message.

Having already said yes before, means they are that more likely to say yes again when you have an actual product to recommend or a digital product to sell them that can help in the same way.

#4 – Email Has The Highest ROI of Any Marketing Channel

There’s a reason companies large and small rely on their email lists so heavily. For the cost of service to the ROI (return on investment), Nothing compares to email marketing!

In fact, McKinsey & Company did a survey that showed that email is 40x more effective than Facebook or Twitter when it comes to closing sales, and has an average ROI of 4,300%!

The report also stated that 91% of all consumers in the US still use their email daily, and that they purchase from Email at THREE times the rate of social media.

And not only do they buy more often, but their purchase was typically 17% higher as well.

This means they buy more often, and when they buy, they tend to spend more…

Yep, time to launch your email list. But I’m not done yet!

#5 – Your Email List Can Be Highly Targeted

Email providers like ConvertKit are now highly intuitive pieces of software, and the amount of customization available anymore is AMAZING.

As people come on to your list through your various landing pages and forms, they can join for a multitude of reasons. And each reason can be a tagged or segmented into little mini lists within your list!

As you target your lists down like that, you know exactly who to send a particular email to that can actually serve them in a better way.

Or, you know that if you’ve already sold this group something, then you DON’T want another offer email to go to them, so you could segment them out.

#6 – Email Helps Build The Know, Like, And Trust Factor FASTER!

We know that people buy from people that they Know, Like, and Trust, but it’s difficult to build that community online. Instead, having a great email strategy that allows you a direct way to share your story, gives people insight into YOU!

Not every email needs to be a sales email. By sending a story, lesson or some motivation, you’re building your authority in your space and allowing people to know you.

As they start to know you, if you’re delivering them value in each email that you send, of COURSE they are going to like you.

So when it is time to launch your new product or give a recommendation for an affiliate product, they are much more willing to say YES to you!

#7 – You Can Drive Them To Whatever You Want Them To See.

This tip is super smart as you start to build out more content and your community!

Anytime you create something new whether it be a blog post, a new YouTube video, or maybe you’re about to go live on TikTok, email is an incredible way to make sure that they people who already said yes to you know about it!

We all know that social media and google LOVE when things start to pop right away and helps the algorithm spread your new piece of content to even more people.

So when you publish, just by sending a simple email, you can point your audience over to it right away, and that small pop can help your new content launch even faster.

This means your existing audience is helping you gain NEW audience! And if you have another reason for your new audience to jump onto your email list, then you can start experiencing the snowball effect!

BONUS TIP! Always Find A Way To Automate Your Email!

This tip is huge! While it’s great to curate a list and be able to send a single message to audience, imagine if your email’s worked FOR you 24/7/365 on autopilot….

This is exactly what we do using ConvertKit. If someone signs up on a form, or downloads a freebie, they are tagged automatically to a particular sequence of prewritten emails that send out over a preset period of time.

The emails are written in a way to take our new subscriber on a journey through content, building up our know, like and trust factor, all they way to a purchase.

And the best part, is we don’t have to do anything when that person subscribes….making it “Passive Income”.

Are You Ready To Start Your List Yet?!

Hopefully after reading all of that, you now realize just how much you need to GET STARTED!

Your email list is the most important asset you can build in your business regardless of the niche.

After using several providers over the last few years of marketing, I’ve personally found ConvertKit to be the most user friendly and cost effective platform online, and they have incredible features INCLUDING the automation that I included in the bonus tip!

Their user interface is incredibly intuitive and easy to figure out, and I’ll be putting more tutorials on how to use their platform over on my YouTube Channel so stay tuned for that.