How To Create A Lead Generation Funnel With ConvertKit

When it comes to running your online business, whether you focus your time on YouTube, a Blog, or a Podcast, it’s crucial to continue to put people on your email list!

We never want to rely upon social media to drive our traffic. Instead, we want to curate and nurture our list of dedicated followers and reward them with the most value, and consistent communication from YOU!

In this article I’m going to walk you through how to create a lead generation funnel with ConvertKit from start to finish, STEP by STEP!

Now, if you haven’t yet started your email list, be sure to check out our article on Why you NEED an Email List Right Away!

After using several different email providers, I’ve settled in on ConvertKit. For the price, features, service and trainings they provide, I’ve found them to be the best service around!

Also, if you’re more the follow along type, be sure to check out the video tutorial I have for you right here!

Here Are The Steps We’re Going To Take!

This is a fairly in depth subject, so we’re going to try and simplify this and put it in a digestible chunk in this article.

But these are the steps we’re going to take:

  1. Setup your new ConvertKit Account
  2. Build Out A Landing Page
  3. Embed an awesome Freebie to entice a new subscriber
  4. Create A Tag for your new Audience Members
  5. Build our a New Subscriber Sequence
  6. Create and setup your automation
  7. Run A Test!

The goal at the end, is your ability to create a new landing page, have your awesome freebie delivered correctly, and have your new subscriber receive your new amazing sequence that you have all typed out.

I’ve Also got a Free checklist for you to go through as well that will make sure you’re on track with ALL these steps!

Are you READY?! Let’s go!

1. Setup Your New ConvertKit Account

The first step in setting up your new account, is selecting the plan you’re going to be on. Best part about ConvertKit, is that every plan allows you to have a free trial so you can try and test things out for free.

Now, as a disclaimer, you can use ANY email provider of your choice and honestly most have similar features. I’m simply teaching on ConvertKit because I believe in their ease of use and funcionality.

Additionally, I am an affiliate for ConvertKit, and use of any of these links do help support this page, at no additional cost to you!

Now that I have that out of the way, the biggest feature for me is AUTOMATION!

You can’t build PASSIVE income if you’re having to select every email manually. We need to make this passive.

ConvertKit has a completely Free plan, which is great to start, but it doesn’t include any of their automation features.

Instead, you’ll want to start on their “Creator Plan”, and you’ll notice that I highlighted the Automated Funnels and Sequences!

Once you’ve started out your free trial, it’s time to start setting up your account!

A quick click on your profile at the top, and then select your Account Settings

From there, to get you at least up and running, we only need to worry about setting up the first three options

Take some time to go through each of these and get your settings all setup, having the correct email address that you want your broadcasts to come from, and a domain name for your landing pages.

If you don’t have a domain name yet, thats OK! ConvertKit will let you use some default addresses that will still host your landing page!

Which speaking of, let’s get started on the Landing Page!

2. Build Out A Landing Page

The Landing Page, or sometimes called an Opt In Page or Squeeze Page, is the first impression of your funnel. Having a beautifully designed and well performing landing page is crucial to converting on your freebie. Luckily there are several templates to choose from.

First, in your top menu bar, click on Landing Pages and Forms. Next, click on “Create New” to start on a new landing page!

Once you’ve clicked on Create new, you’ll have another choice to make. Are you building a stand alone landing page, or do you want to build out a form. A form is embedded in another webpage or email, where as a landing page lives out on it’s own.

For this flow, we want to go ahead and click on “Landing Page”

Once you have selected “Landing Page”, you’ll be taken to the next screen where you have 53 unique templates to choose from.

You can also filter by Category based on what your freebie or product might be that you’re trying to get people to sign up for.

Once you’ve chosen the template you’re going to use, select “Choose”

For this example, I’m going to use ConvertKit’s “Franklin Landing Page.” Once you’ve chosen, it’s now up to you to start customizing and making it yours!

Start with editing the “General Styles” portion of the landing page by working on the right hand side of the screen.

Here you can easily change the appearance of your landing page quickly, making it feel like you’re making FAST progress!

After just a few seconds and changing some colors, and uploading a new image, I can brand my landing page exactly how I want it.

Now that we’ve changed the general appearance of the landing page itself, we can then begin working on the content.

Each portion of the content on your landing page can simply be clicked and edited, changing the headlines, the copy, and even your button color and wording.

You can EASILY make this fully customized and after just a couple minutes of typing, your landing page can look something like this.

As I’m actively building this landing page as an example, it took me all of 7 minutes of working on the landing page to get it ready like this.

Once we have this built, it’s time to finish out by embedding our free guide, and how it will be delivered to our new subscriber.

3. Embed an awesome Freebie to entice a new subscriber

Now that your landing page is built, it’s time to get the delivery and freebie ready to go.

Now this article is not to train on how to build out a freebie or a digital product, but if you haven’t yet tried it, I fully recommend Canva Pro for building out beautiful digital products that you can both sell, or provide as a freebie in landing pages such as this.

All of the deliverability of your Freebie happens inside the settings of the landing page.

The first option in Settings is “general” where you have two choices.

The first is to have the button simply change to a success message, and the second is to redirect to an external page, such as a thank you page, or even your website, or possibly another landing page!

Personally, I would always recommend sending them to another page of some sort. This another way you can build a funnel is by taking them from a freebie, directly to your entry level product sales page.

The next setting option is Domain Name. If you have a domain name you’ve purchased, you can add that under your general account settings and a walkthrough instruction link is provided.

If you don’t have a custom domain, ConvertKit WILL provide a default domain that you can customize at the end by putting in words in the Page URL field.

The next settings option is “Incentive” and is the most important of the 5 sets listed here.

The incentive email is the email that your new subscriber receives in exchange for signing up on your list. Having a well written incentive email, and how you move people through this flow is important for setting the right tone and expectations for your new sub.

This is broken into two pieces. #1 – The email contents, and #2 – what happens after they confirm their subscription.

It’s important that you use these features when adding people, because if they go through 2 steps to confirm, then they are the type of person you WANT on your list, and you should have better open and click rates down the line.

When you first go to open your incentive email, you’ll find a very generic subject line, minimal wording and a simple confirm your subscription button at the bottom.

Each of these sections are customizable, so take the time to make this AWESOME!

You want your new subscriber to be as excited as you are that they are signing up for you cool tool/guide/checklist or whatever it is you’re offering!

Notice the example that I did for you below, especially highlighting the Subject line, excited greeting, and how I customized the confirmation/download button!

This is another place you can start to assert your branding, making everything they get from you, looking familiar and similar from your landing pages and other online assets.

After finalizing the incentive email for your subscriber, you want to then choose what happens after your new subscriber confirms using the button in the email.

For this purpose, especially if we have already directed them to a different URL from the signup page, I recommend just having the freebie download.

Simply hit “Download” to highlight it, then click on Choose A File and upload the PDF guide or whatever digital product you’re giving away. Click save afterwards!

The last setting option to work through is the SEO and Analytics tabs.

For the purposes of this article, I want you to focus first on the top 3 options.

Having a GOOD title, a solid description and then an image. For the image, I typically do a snippet or picture of the front page of the freebie that I’m including.

As an example for the landing page that I just built, here is the example I used for the sample page.

Notice that the title has both the Title of the Freebie itself, as well as a – Operation:Passive Income, which is the brand that I would like to be searchable over time.

The description is a simple consumable piece of copy that would fit easily in a google snippet, or social media post, using the key words that I would like it to be found with.

After you’ve completed these steps, you’re READY! It’s time to Publish!

Click the publish button and you’ll see a simple pop up come up right below the button, with a link to your new landing page.

That is your link to email subscriber domination!

Now that your landing page is built, it’s now time to make sure the right things happen automatically, without you having to jump in to start physically sending emails.

We want to build this up to be Automated!

4. Create A Tag for your new Audience Members

The first step in automation is ensuring that the automation has the right data.

For Subscribers, we want to make sure that they receive the correct emails for the right reasons. As you create more landing pages and forms, you’ll find you make them for different reasons, and therefor receive different emails.

ConvertKit uses Tags and Segments as a feature to designate different information about your subscribers.

In this example, I’ll be tagging new subscribers that sign up for this freebie as “wordpress interest”

We’ll set the tag in the automation portion of the article!

5. Build Out A New Subscriber Sequence

Your New Subscriber Sequence is a series of prewritten emails that you’ve laid out that you want your new subscribers to receive after signing up for your freebie.

This is a great place to tell your story and introduce yourself further, as well as take your new follower on a journey through your content, thoughts, and products.

Lets start by navigating to the Automations Tab.

Once you have selected to create a new sequence, your screen will open up to what looks like a single email broadcast. For a single email, it’s easy to click and change your subject line, and the existing body template are actually a series of instructions left for you by ConvertKit.

On the right hand side of the screen you can see the list of emails within the sequence, and the time delay in which they will be sent out.

As you add each email, you can see the sequence start to take form. A typical new subscriber sequence can be anything from a single email to a collection of 20 if you want it! However I recommend a prewritten 5 email sequence to go out over a 9 day period.

That timeline and frequency isn’t overbearing, but it allows you to be on the mind of your new subscriber and is plenty of space for you to get in your story, your solution, and your product.

Another best practice is to write out your subject lines to give your sequence a plan BEFORE writting out your full content.

With ConvertKit, if you want an email to go out RIGHT AWAY after they sign up onto your list, you an simply change the “Send Email” to 0 which will make it an immediate send out.

Additionally, you can use the same feature to spread your emails out over a longer period of time.

Lastly, you want to make sure you dive into the settings of EACH sequence. You may have different lead magnets out there online, and if you have both receiving the same email sequence, you wouldn’t want someone receiving the same sequence twice right?!

After tweeking each of these settings, your sequence is just about ready to go. The last step is setting up your Automations

6. Create And Setup Your Automation

You’ve made it to the magic part. The part where you list continues to work for you whether you’re at your desk or not. Shoot, you could be sleeping, but your email list is still chugging away doing it’s thing for you.

It’s all about Automation. You can’t create “Passive Income” without creating “Passive Systems”.

Also, the automation tab is the part to bring the three pieces all together, from your Landing Page, to your Tag, to your Sequence.

Start first by navigating to the Automations tab, and then starting a new automation.

There are awesome templates to look at, but for this example, simply choose “Create Automation”, as we’re going to build a simple 3 step automation.

First, select “Joins a form” for the top level action. Go to your drop down, and find the landing page you built earlier.

Search for it and select.

Next, click on the “+” symbol to add an additional step, and select “Add Subscriber to a Tag”.

Here, you can type in to create a new tag to start adding onto subscribers, or if you have an existing tag already, you can search and select that tag.

After you have the tag listed, we want to hit the “+” symbol again to add an additional step.

The action you’ll take is to add a subscriber to a sequence. Search the dropdown for the new email sequence you just got all typed up, and BOOM! Your automation is ALMOST ready to go.

ConvertKit gives you a simple but awesome visual showing each of the individual steps to your automations. As you grow and your skills get better, you can have these automations with much more complex automations that take your followers down specific channels.

Now, the last thing to do is to turn your Automation “ON!”

This is a simple step but one that I have definitely missed before, and then you wonder why in the world is no one clicking on your emails?!

Because they haven’t gotten them! So make sure you turn it on and live when you’re ready to go!

7. Run A Test!

Wow! Great job! You did it! You’ve got a full email sequence funnel all built out and ready to go.

Now we are to the last step. TEST IT!

Go to your Landing page in an Incognito mode browser so you can test and make sure it looks the way you want, and acts the way you want.

Enter in a dummy email address to test, and walk your way through all your automations.

Does the email get to you right? Can you download the freebie correctly? Are there any spelling errors?

Testing gives you the opportunity to give it a good one over before you send it out to the world.

I hope this article was helpful!