Hello, my name is Shane Parks and I’m setting off on my journey to start an online business. While I’ve never been in the e-commerce industry before, I have been in sales for the last 17 years and run a $3 million dollar business in Florida.

I have experience in marketing, commission sales, management, and I’ve been teaching personal development for the better part of a decade. I have managed and developed sales teams and managers across 6 states through Wyoming, Montana, Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi and Florida

I feel comfortable in running a business, but I’ll be honest. There is a ton for me to learn to figure out how to run a business online.

Operation Passive Income is a project. It is a journey. At the time of writing this page I am currently earning $0.00 in passive income. This blog is intended to document the beginning of our journey to financial freedom and the steps, wins and failures along the way. We encourage followers to learn right along side us and learn from the mistakes we make and capitalize on using what we got right. We know that this is going to take alot of dedication, hard work and resolve, as well as some financial investment. We will be 100% upfront so everyone knows how much money and time we invest to make this project work so that anyone that wants to participate will know EXACTLY what to expect. We will be exploring a multitude of passive income strategies that others have found success in and find those that are most viable for the average person. We hope you come along for the ride.

If you want to contact us about this project or receive free advice on each step that we are on or have done, please fill out the contact information below to reach us.

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