About Operation passive income

My name is Shane Parks, Founder of Operation Passive Income and Creator of the “Simple Online Business” Plan.  I decided to launch O.P.I. at a time in my life where I was confronted with immense uncertainty.

It was at a time in my life where I was finalizing a divorce, in an intense custody battle, and was faced with financial ruin. After a court battle came to a close I found myself in a place where I could no longer afford to live my life. With a new baby on the way, I had to find a way to support my family. 

So in my desperation, I started watching videos on YouTube of how you can make money online. There were so many different models, so many different strategies… I had no idea where to start. O.P.I. was intended to be a documentation of the journey through that. 

However, I quickly found that it was difficult to start recommending and advising when I had no real experience in what I was talking about. So for the next two years, my wife and I decided instead to take action and DO, instead of just talking about it. 

We have since started 3 online business. One failed miserably… and it only fueled our fire to build more. Our next two entrepreneurial adventures have turned into incredible and profitable business serving our customers in our niche, building up a successful academy, and creating and selling digital products. 

The difference between our failures and our successes? Having a solid plan, building a working infrastructure, and serving our audience MASSIVE value! 


How can we help you?!

Planning for your Online Business

I’ve been building business plans for over 15 years. From idea conception to execution. A business, regardless of what it is, must first have a solid set plan. This is your roadmap to success!

Monetize your audience, no matter the size. It’s easy to become discouraged thinking you need a MILLION followers to earn an income online! This is a Myth! We’ve built a SIX figure business with less than 1000 buying customers! We can show you how to!

Monetizing Your Audience

Building Your Online Infrustructure


The most daunting task of building your online business…is actually building it! Knowing what your resources are and how to use them can be a challenge! Let us help you find the right tool at the right time for the right job! 

Trusted Resources