Welcome to Operation Passive Income!


Welcome to Operation Passive Income! Want to learn how to start earning passive income online, or how to start an online business? We’ll cover tons of ways to start building your income streams and building your online business in your target niche. We are a website and blog dedicated to exploring new idea’s trying out different business models and sharing our tips and tricks with you.

Along with sharing our journey to create multiple streams of income that over time can become passive, we’re here to share different forms that will allow you to find direction and instruction. Check our Passive Income Streams Page that will lay out some of the different business models you can choose from so you can find the path that you think will most suit you. There you’ll find a general breakdown as well as great resources that will help you accelerate your path to financial freedom!

Operation Passive Income is your source to learn about several online income opportunities such as Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Amazon FBA and Amazon Arbitrage, Kindle Direct Publishing, and so much more.

In this time in history, there has never been so many ways that you can put your effort into building an online business that generates money while you sleep!

We’ll continue to update our site and our blog to deliver to you the absolute best resources to increase your chances of succeeding in this ever evolving and ever growing online platform. Check out our videos below and subscribe to our channel, as well as check out our blog to hear about our mission.

While we work hard to get this site up and running, also check here to for a great starting point starting your online business!

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